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Slippery Shoes

Unless your shoes have rubber soles, chances are they are not slip resistance. Most shoes have plastic or leather soles and these materials provide less traction than rubber.  Slippery soles can lead to unexpected slips and falls in all seasons.

Solution: Add protective rubber sole guards

  • Any shoe can be made to be anti-slip by adding protective rubber sole guards over new or slightly worn soles
  • Sole guards cover half of the sole and cannot be used if the soles are already soft or spongy. The entire soles must be replaced first before they can be applied

At Shoe Therapy, we match the sole guard texture and colour to the shoe and make them hardly noticeable.  We have black, brown, caramel, oak and Christian Louboutin red sole guards. 


  • Prevent slips and falls
  • Protect stitching on leather soles
  • Create longer lasting wear
  • Save money

  • Add sole guards on brand new shoes to immediately extend your shoe's life and to save money in the long run

I have a question about my soles!

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